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Los Angeles Environmental Law Attorney


Peter Niemiec is an attorney in Los Angeles whose practice is focused on environmental law and real estate transactions. He has extensive experience in contaminated property issues, including purchases, sales and leases of commercial properties, and disputes over property cleanup.

Environmental Law

For over thirty years, Los Angeles environmental law attorney Peter Niemiec has worked on a wide variety of pollution-related issues.

He structures deals for clients purchasing and selling commercial properties with contamination issues – such as current and former gas stations, dry cleaning sites, plating shops, and industrial properties. He has extensive experience advising clients regarding Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Phase II Investigations.

Peter has addressed the many issues confronting clients who own contaminated property, including responding to orders from government agencies, insurance claims, claims to the State Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund, and claims against other parties, such as former owners and tenants. He advises property owners regarding management of asbestos issues, including notification requirements under federal and California law.

As a Los Angeles environmental law lawyer, Peter represents clients, including targets of enforcement actions, in front of administrative agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), Regional Water Quality Controls Boards (RWQCB). He is experienced in representing “potentially responsible parties” at Superfund (CERCLA) sites.

Peter has also drafted and negotiated legislation and regulations in the environmental area. He has effectively achieved goals for his clients through this process.

Real Estate Transactions

Peter has been a transactional real estate attorney for over twenty years. He has represented clients in a wide variety of commercial real estate transactions, including purchases, sales, commercial and industrial leases involving a broad range of facilities, including office, retail and industrial space, as well as ground leases for service stations and retail facilities, easements, and access agreements.

Many of these transactions have involved properties contaminated by past use – so called “brownfields properties” - ranging from small retail sites to large industrial facilities. They have also included transactions on properties still in the cleanup process, or located in area-wide Superfund sites.

Why Choose Peter Niemiec?

Buying commercial real estate is not like buying a piece of equipment. It is not even like buying a house. For example, if the property is leased, the terms of the lease can have a large impact on the value of your investment and the complexity of managing the property. Standardized forms contain terms that may be disadvantageous, or may not address some important issues at all. If there are environmental issues, the potential liability can dwarf the value of the property. You need an experienced real estate attorney right from the beginning of the process.

If you need a Los Angeles environmental law attorney, the role of experience is even more critical. Many environmental laws are extremely complex. They are often phrased in terms not familiar to the average business person. The rules can seem arbitrary, even counter-intuitive. Being able to interact effectively with regulatory personnel can often make the difference between success and frustration.

Peter delivers the experience, judgment and business sense of over three decades as an environmental attorney and over two decades as a transactional real estate attorney to each of the clients he represents. Having served in government, corporate, and law firm positions, he brings a wide range of perspectives to each client’s situation. As a solo practitioner, he is committed to providing his clients with a high level of personal attention and coordination of his legal advice with the client’s objectives. In addition, he provides the caliber of representation offered by big law firms at much lower rates. Unlike many large law firms who need both a real estate lawyer and an environmental lawyer to handle these brownfields transactions, Peter has the ability to handle both the real estate and environmental issues himself, resulting in an approach that is both more efficient and better integrated.