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Real Estate Transactions

Peter Niemiec has over twenty years of experience as a real estate lawyer representing clients in a wide variety of commercial and industrial real estate transactions. Real estate deals are a central part of his solo practice.

Purchases and Sales

Peter has represented clients in the purchase or sale of many different types of properties. These have included:

  • Purchases and sales of industrial properties, including operating and closed manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and former oil fields.
  • Transactions involving shopping centers and office buildings.
  • Numerous deals involving operating and closed gasoline stations.
  • Sale of the site of the world’s only synthetic crude upgrade facility. This transaction also involved the sale of pipeline rights-of-way and water rights, and required numerous joint-operating agreements.

Many of these deals also involved financing issues, as well as providing advice about ownership structure.

Commercial and Industrial Leases

Peter has represented clients in lease transactions involving office, retail, and industrial space. He also has handled many ground lease transactions for a variety of uses, including gasoline stations, other retail uses, and industrial uses, including a major port facility. Many of the industrial leases and ground lease transactions involved properties with contamination issues.

Brownfields Transactions

Because of his extensive experience with environmental issues, transactions involving properties with contamination issues – so called “brownfields” – are a central part of Peter’s solo practice. He has written and spoken widely on this topic. Among the brownfields deals he has been involved with are the following:

  • Representation of a major national retailer in acquiring old manufacturing sites for redevelopment into “big box” retail sites.
  • Sale of former oil field sites for residential development.
  • Representation of a developer in acquiring old manufacturing sites for redevelopment.
  • Both the purchase and sale of former gasoline station properties for redevelopment into new retail or mixed retail/residential use.
  • Both the purchase and sale of properties in known Superfund areas, including transactions involving properties that were known sources of contamination in area-wide Superfund sites.
  • Numerous transactions involving developed properties that were discovered to have contamination issues because of past uses.

Peter’s extensive experience in this area covers virtually every issue that typically comes up in a brownfields deal, including directing environmental due diligence (Phase I’s, Phase II’s, and risk analyses), negotiating with government agencies over cleanup levels and “no further action” letters, negotiating access agreements for other parties to perform cleanup, environmental insurance, financing issues, releases and indemnities, and cleanup cost recovery issues.